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Best weightloss tips

Best weightloss tips

Melt Abdominal Fat In A Week Only Using The Combination Of These Two Ingredients

Weight loss tips

Melt Abdominal Fat In A Week Only Using The Combination Of These Two Ingredients

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Date: 2018-02-09 11:14:16

Melt Abdominal Fat In A Week Only Using The Combination Of These Two Ingredients

One of the areas where it is more difficult to eliminate abdomen fat. Contrary to what many think, just exercise is not enough since the main thing to begin to eliminate fat is to change the diet if they complement both the result will be fantastic.
It is true that there is a large number of drugs that today promise to eliminate all abdominal fat in a very short time, but the truth is that this type of product can cause a terrible side effect. So this time we will show you an excellent home remedy to eliminate abdominal fat, it is very easy to prepare it. Pay close attention!



-The medium container of baby oil (100 ml).
-1 tablet and a half of camphor.
Preparation method:

-Crush the tablet and half of the camphor.
-Introduce this alkalum powder into the baby oil container and shake until well mixed.
-After stirring, it should be left to rest for 2 days.
-After 2 days, you must remove again.

Use and application:

First, you must clean well the area where you want to eliminate the fat that will be where we are going to apply the oil, after applying the oil you should perform a message with encouragement in the area, with circular movements in the area for not less than 20 minutes.

The message can be performed at night, it should be noted that the initial odor is very strong, but after a while, it goes, discipline is recommended when applying this treatment, to obtain effective results, and remember that the message should be encouraged since fat often becomes difficult to eliminate.

Include in your diet apples: this fruit contains pectin, a natural fiber that favors the elimination of cholesterol harmful to the body.

Olive oil: an investigation published in Obesity Research states that consuming 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil helps you because it suppresses the appetite which will make you avoid unnecessary foods since the compounds stimulate the stomach hormones that indicate to the brain that it is full.

Take care what you eat : if you are used to including these foods at dinner, it is time to leave them: chips, cookies, cakes, pizzas, sugary foods because they increase blood glucose, red meat by the amount of protein it contains, caffeine It includes soft drinks, coffee, tea, and chocolate.

Running: it is advisable to alternate the days and invest more than 15 minutes to have a greater fat loss. You can get to burn 200 grams per week.

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