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14 Pictures That Prove Men Are Totally Hopeless

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14 Pictures That Prove Men Are Totally Hopeless

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Date: 2019-06-19 11:22:54

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14 Pictures That Prove Men Are Totally Hopeless

Living with your man can be wonderful. You’ll always have someone to talk, laugh, mess, and cry with. Someone who understands you and loves you for who you are.
But men also tend to have a sense of humor that women not always appreciate. When they insist on trying out their lame jokes, there is not much to do other than sigh deeply and think about the good sides they, after all, have.
Here are 14 hopeless men that were caught on camera.

1. No curtains? No problem!

2. “I asked my husband to take our cat to the trimmer. Should’ve done it myself. ”

3. “It is difficult to hold back my excitement while becoming a father. Wish my wife was a little more cheerful about it! “

4. “I got bored and turned on the motion detection on our nanny cam and dressed up in an old Halloween mask. Wife wasn’t happy. Can’t wait to buy more masks”

5. “My wife thinks I’ve lost my mind.”

6. “I asked my husband to paint a picture of the two of us together. It was a mistake.”

7. “My wife was too shy for her maternity photos, so I stepped in.”

8. This madlad gave his wife a book titled “Sex after 40” completely empty.

9. “Asked my husband to put some spaghetti on the stove…”

10. “I took my eyes away off them for a minute…”

11. Another baby left with his father for just a moment

12. “I asked my husband to clean the refrigerator earlier today. This is what it looks like now.”

13. “When you are 5’5” and your 6’5″ husband hangs the bathroom mirror.”

14. “Sending my wife subtle hints.”

Hopeless, but we still love them, our wonderful men!
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